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I know we should do one but I am proud of being a noona to not one but TWO adorably cute but sometimes sexy as hell boys from BTS without further ado.....I present you too....Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung!
Park Jimin: Born on October 13,1995 I swear this precious pudding is going to be the death of me everytime he flashes his abs or shows his booty for all to see but he's too cute for me to stay mad at him ><"
Kim Taehyung Born: December 30th, 1995 There are no words to describe this adorkable alien, I mean one day be can be cute and cuddly to his fans then the next he'll be hot af including the lip biting can be deadly to the fangirls, but I love his smile and how contagious it can be with the other members
Me Born May 15th 1995 A proud army noona
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@glo86 I was starting to think I was the oldest person on here and needed to evaluate my life choices lol
@SunnaWalo Don't be ashamed of liking K-Pop. I just saw an article on KpopStarz about an older gentleman liking BIGBANG. He said he was old enough to remember when The Beatles had the same impact on the U.S. when they came on tour. That's bad ass!!!!! He posted a pic of himself on Instagram wearing the BIGBANG crown headband and both T.O.P. and Taeyang liked and commented on the photo!!!!
@glo86 well my friend that I dragged into Kpop is an 87 liner so we just reassure each other it's okay lol She actually went to Korea for a year to teach.
@SunnaWalo I want to visit Korea at one point in my life but I don't want to travel there alone. lol
@glo86 I want to go but have to save up that airfare.