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**Disclaimer- The news I am sharing below does not include my personal opinions. It is simply what Netizens have claimed.** As you all may know, the 2015 MelOn Music Awards has finally come to an end. Many groups' fandoms worked hard to vote for their favorites! However, it seems that some Netizens were not so happy about BIGBANG's "mini-concert".
Artists are given a chance to perform on stage and showcase any newly-released songs and/or popular hits of the year. It is also expected that an equal amount of stage time is divided amongst all artists.

So what's the issue?

On a popular online community, Pann (similar to Reddit), a user created a post titled : "BIG BANG performing 5 songs is a problem". This netizen talked about how the amount of time given to BIG BANG to perform 5 full tracks could have been given to other artists who had multiple hit songs this year (i.e - Red Velvet's "Ice Cream Cake" or BTS' "Dope"). They also mentioned how other artists who had a large amount of time given to them performed either medleys or a remix. It was brought to attention how BIG BANG performed a 2012 track, "Fantastic Baby", at a 2015 Music Awards show despite having released multiple songs this year.

Here's the list of performances at 2015 MelOn Music Awards:

MONSTA X – Trespass + Hero G-Friend – Glass Bead iKON – My Type + Rhythm Ta Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up EXID – Up & Down + Ah Yeah Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb BTS  – Intro + I Need U Hyukoh – Hooka + Because I Love You Apink – I Don’t Know, No No No, Mr. Chu (medley), LUV + Remember BIGBANG – If You, LOSER, BANG BANG BANG, Sober + Fantastic Baby

Now heres what I think...

This "issue" wasn't even evident when I watched the awards show. All I could really focus on were my favorite idols performing and receiving all their well-deserved awards (OMG BTS won Best Male Dance~). Personally, BIG BANG's performances livened up a lot of the show, and they are very experienced seniors in kpop (+ they had so many hit tracks this year from M.A.D.E series). But I can also see where this netizen is coming from... The time rationing was NOT fair, but the producers were at fault - Not BIG BANG. ** Keep in mind that there are two sides to everything!
Here are some netizen reactions Koreaboo has collected! [+239, -33] The writer didn’t criticize BIGBANG but the fairness of the issue and the fan culture problem, you idiots. [+232, -34] I agree. The producers turned every other team into props for BIGBANG because BIGBANG had so many hits. It would have been fine if everyone else had as much as 3… [+191, -34] They screamed encore after even 5 songs when they knew full well other fans were there .. ㅋㅋ [+73, -18] ‘Fantastic Baby’ really can’t be shielded __________________________________________ Comment what you guys think! Sources: Koreaboo read >here<
Honestly BigBang slayed 2015. All there songs were at the top of the charts for months. It's easy to argue that BigBang ruled kpop this year. Sure it may not be "fair" but in the end the Melon music awards cater to what the fans want and what the charts showed over the past year.
I think personally it was okay because this is T.O.Ps goodbye before he goes to the military I mean so many hearts were broken during their speech ,, and I feel like this should be like this with every group when they have a person that's leaving to the military not just BigBang
i cant even comment on the stupidness...
Apink has five songs too
Sometimes I feel the netizens complain too much. I'm not really into Big Bang, but so what if they preformed more. Live music is always good music.
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