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RED VELVET!! [slay me]
I just had to comment that about Red Velvets little snippet at the recent Melon awards .. I just couldn't get over the cuteness of the girls leading up to their performance
I couldn't handle it when I watched this part btw .. Seulgi is my bias of the group but leader Irene is just too cute
she fit this emotion so well, of course we can't make Joy, "Joy."
she seems more happy than fearful [haha]
ANYWAYS that's my RV rant for the night, shoutouts to all those RV fans who share my love for these lovely, lively ladies
@kpopandkimchi [idk how to add all those other vingle family members but this is the only name is really remember, sorry fam! you know I love you all]
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RV is life XD They are so freaking cute ^^
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