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Don't lie we all want to hold our biases down and rip their shirts off! There are just SOO MANY glorious chocolate abs that that I decided to do a medley of them! More like I couldn't choose just one set to focus on... I have an abs obsession don't judge me!! *^·^*


Mmm so ready to see Gukkie abs again after they comeback! Chen teasing us with peek-a-boo abs! I dunno what Tae thinks he's doing but it's not ok!
SIWOOOON... *blushes, fans self* Yong Hwa my goodness! Seobie... *drools*
Taecyeon! If I could stare at his picture all day on my phone without attracting undue attention I would! Whelp lovelies that's all there is.. I hope ya'll enjoyed looking as much as I did making this!
I died slowly while looking through all of these wonderful pictures
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@KellyOConnor ;-; thank you so much <3 I swear to god HISTORY IS TRYING TO SUCK ME INTO THEIR HOTNESS because I feel like they're following me everywhere on here xD
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yep they do that @ArmyofKookie They'll stalk you until you love them!
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@ArmyofKookie that's Song Kyungil of History! also that's him in the first pic of the second section.
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