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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!!!

Here's our next installment of the Nani November quick questions! On Monday, I announced the giveaway happening this week and all of the rules. If you need a refresher, you can click this whole sentence to see the rules card. Make sure you comment on every one of my cards marked {NN} this week to be entered in the drawing for the Chopper plushie! Only those who comment on everyone will be entered into the lottery pick! So here's today's question:

Who do you think is the saddest anime character of all?

my god @Cager, You're too cute to be a part of the anime community! 馃槀
are you kidding me. Maes Hughes, that man lived life to its fullest and had an amazing family.
okay, so I had to think of this one a bit.... all of the others I totally agree with too BTW. but a character I find really feely is itachi uchiha from Naruto. his life is one big patch of suckiness of him trying to protect his brother, making himself evil to make sasuke strong, staying hated while still carrying the burden of the truth of what he did to his clan to protect his village, only to be terminated after death from sasuke to fight and meet up again and face how sasuke turned out and just create more feels!!!! excuse me while I grab a tissue box ...
Tomoya from clannad
Rin from Black Lagoon and Gray from Fairy Tail
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