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Hello my fellow KPOP Vinglers! ChelseaJay here with a new screenshot game for you featuring, the recently debuted girl group from JYP Entertainment,TWICE! Now I know these are usually done with boy groups but I figured that there had to be other LGBT friendly people and/or fanboys who wanted to try their luck at the ladies too, so I'll be doing these regularly (hopefully). If you've played Screenshot Games on Vingle before then feel free to skip this tutorial, but if you're new then follow these simple instructions: 1) Screenshot each gif in the following section. 2) View your results. 3A) Post your results in comments or 3B) Make your own card and tag me in it.(Story time is optional but encouraged.)
Childhood Friend Roommate Crush Secret Admirer Kissed Best Friend Frenemy Girlfriend Summer Road Trip w/ Cuddle Buddy


Marry or Cheat? If Cheated, with who? If Married, kids?
Childhood Friend - Mina Roommate - Chaeyoung Crush - Nayeon Secret Admirer - Sana Kissed - Chaeyoung Best Friend - Mina Frenemy - Chaeyoung Girlfriend - Jihyo Summer Road Trip w/ - Jeongyeon Cuddle Buddy - Nayeon Well this is... interesting. I'm going to jail for kissing a minor.
Marry or Cheat? Cheat If Cheated, with who? Jeongyeon I feel bad for cheating on Jihyo, but ayyy Jeongyeon is one of my main biases so... lol.
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TWICE! Fingers crossed all the young babies stay in the platonic zone.
...and I got majority the three babies... Meep. My story takes place in an AU where I'm 17 again.
@baileykayleen lol, did you post a card?
@ChelseaJay nah I'm too scatterbrained. I'll get it up soon lol.
@baileykayleen lol kool bayleafff