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Is this challenge trying to get me in trouble?! I don't want people to judge me!

But... I guess I can't just blow off a question to avoid ruffling feathers.

Well I don't hate any groups specifically, I don't hate many things in general (life's just to short for that.) But I can say that I don't like groups with more than 7 people. The music might sound good but I like to hear each member on a song and members in big groups don't get very long parts. I guess I just don't think it's fair.

Please forgive me!

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@MorganElisabeth oh that's interesting. I didn't know they had systems like that. Like I said the music could sound good it just bums me out if they each only get a tiny amount lol but a system like that could be something I might like so I'll look into it ^_^
@MadAndrea I really hope you do! Oh my goodness they are cuties. ALL 13 OF THEM. You won't be able to pick a bias, like, it is legit impossible.
@MorganElisabeth Maybe 1 from each section lol I can barely pick only one from 6 member groups -_- it's troubling
I can't hate you why you use that cute Suga gif! But poor Seventeen LOL
@kpopandkimchi lol I used it for the exact reason! It's so cute that no one can possibly be angry ^_^ but like I said to Morgan, I will definitely check them out. I'm also trying to pace myself. I never knew 75% of these groups existed until 2 weeks ago haha