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Is this challenge trying to get me in trouble?! I don't want people to judge me!

But... I guess I can't just blow off a question to avoid ruffling feathers.

Well I don't hate any groups specifically, I don't hate many things in general (life's just to short for that.) But I can say that I don't like groups with more than 7 people. The music might sound good but I like to hear each member on a song and members in big groups don't get very long parts. I guess I just don't think it's fair.

Please forgive me!

I can't hate you why you use that cute Suga gif! But poor Seventeen LOL
@MorganElisabeth Maybe 1 from each section lol I can barely pick only one from 6 member groups -_- it's troubling
@MorganElisabeth oh that's interesting. I didn't know they had systems like that. Like I said the music could sound good it just bums me out if they each only get a tiny amount lol but a system like that could be something I might like so I'll look into it ^_^
You'll miss out on UP10TION and Seventeen with that attitude! Ahh! I totally understand the sentiment tho. but that's why with Seventeen, they have three units. And each unit gets the chance to sing and if you don't hear it on their title track, more than likely you'll hear it on another song in the album. Each unit gets the chance to have their own song basically.
@kpopandkimchi lol I used it for the exact reason! It's so cute that no one can possibly be angry ^_^ but like I said to Morgan, I will definitely check them out. I'm also trying to pace myself. I never knew 75% of these groups existed until 2 weeks ago haha
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