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( Wei is accurately me right now considering it's nearing 4 AM and I'm up making my third noona card after helping out @AimeeH with getting WonHOE pictures and gifs for her card. )
But all that mess aside, time for the third installment of NOONA NOVEMBER starring none other than the miraculous maknae himself, Xiao, and bandmate Kogyeol. These cuties are members of the 10-person group UP10TION. They're pretty popular especially for being rookies, so I expect a lot of you reading to already know them or about them at the least.


His birth name is Lee Dong Yeol, but he is better known as Xiao and he's one of the most precious gems that has been exposed to the world ( at least my world ) in a long time. Xiao is a 98 liner, about to have his birthday in December. (It's the 13th in case you want to pin it up.) I apparently have a thing for the 98-line.

This ray of sunshine is a super amazing dancer ( they all are - have you paid attention to their choreo?? ) but he is also an amazing singer!

DID I MENTION HE WAS A GOOD DANCER? Because he has a dancer's body. A very disrespectful dancer's body.

Seriously, why do you hate me like this?

Xiao has one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen. Honest to God, what kind of blessing did the world give to me to allow me to exist in the same time as him?

Now say 안녕히 가세요 for a while, because now we have Kogyeol to discuss.

안녕하세요 there, cutie!

Kogyeol is only a year younger than me so I don't necessarily consider myself a noona to him, BUT since I'm older I'll add him selfishly for the chance to talk about him. Kogyeol is a 96 liner, born on May 16th!

He seems to like checking his hair as if he could EVER look any kind of way but perfect. He's silly like that.

This guy also has a really really cute heart dance he does for fans but I couldn't find a video of it by itself! If you watch UP10TION on ASC, you can see him doing it, though. The whole hour is loads of fun and is how I fell in love with all 10 of them.
Just look at this beautiful man right here. I don't know what kind of Heaven I need to get to, but I want the Heaven where a man who looks like him will greet me with that cute little smile and flower crown.
He is so playful and pure and I want to stick around to see what kind of man he becomes in tne following years. Kogyeol never ceases to make me smile all the time.


My third addition to NOONA NOVEMBER. This might be the most interesting and active project on Vingle so far. I'm so excited each time to see all of the cuties who are being introduced.


And if you haven't listened to UP10TION yet, well, I'll leave you with their dance practice so you can both HEAR them and SEE their talent.


I think my bias is between Bit to and Sunyoul....hmm actually the entire 96'liners
@biancadanica98 Xiao is 17. Wooshin is the red head and I'm not exactly sure which one you are talking about for the other one.
my gosh... yeass.
hwanhee is my top bias
@MorganElisabeth yeah I'm a freshman in high school... Hwanhee does look mature for his age, but that is one of the many things I love about him. I don't know why but in a lot of the boy groups, my bias is either the leader or one of he maknaes.
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