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Can hear grannies, aunts and mom chitchatting n laughing even through my earphones. N I don't have to mention those evil kids(lil nephews/nieces) who keep annoying me by constantly trying to see what I'm doing on my phone n by dancing on drake's hotline bling, which is not funny at all! I just want to grab each of them by the hair n kick them out of my room but unfortunately i can't coz i'll be grounded. Even my pug changed side today, he is playing with them!! Worst day ever!!! #PerksOfBeingAnOnlyChild
Nieces and nephew over for the weekend. I need sleep and quiet they constantly have to ask me questions. But I love them anyway❤️
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@LilianaZeferino yeah i know lol but for me sometimes there's love n other times hatred!
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hah xD
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