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Kpop Memes 12 😂 (Up10tion)
Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post one yesterday, I had a crazy day... ANYWHO this card was requested and so I tried to find some memes and gifs for them!!! Enjoy!!! (Credit to owners). First let's start with a story. I don't know which order it came in but I will try my best to put it in order!!!
Like I said... I don't know which order it came in but I hope you guys enjoyed it!!! XD
Tell me which one was your favorite and who I should do next!!! XD
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My fav was when Wooshin oppa was admiring the camera! It was do cute!!!
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my favorite was when wooshin drop the pan/shinee thing on hwanhee head poor hwanhee that's his punishment for the same sing,bday and everything else the same like baekhyun hehe lol
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