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WHO IS BETTER? YoungK vs. Jungkook
So I think we've already heard our Jungkookie oppa from BTS sing Lost Stars by Adam Levine, but what do we think about our YoungK oppa from DAY6? If you haven't listened to either of them yet.. Get ready to fall in love!
YoungK - Lost Stars.
Jungkook - Lost Stars.
Ahhhhh.. For me personally. I LOVE BOTH! They both sound really really great. They have awesome vocals and the way the song is beautiful! Comment who you think sang it better, YoungK, Jungkook, or BOTH! ❤️
Yeet I'm sorry but I have to pick jungkook oppa minhae youngk
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I think they both did great but if I had to choose I would say kookie it was a really hard choice they
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I love both of them but I like Jung kooks version better.
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I love both >< Young.k hv a powerful voice and kookie with his soft voice.. love bothh !! kkkk
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