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2015 MAMA awards is right around the corner!!!!! Big Bang and EXO is neck to neck now. Sadly exo is leading ...
We need every Big Bang lovers/fans to vote. Its verrryyyy easy!!!!!! !!!! The link its right there. You can login with email/facebook/twitter accounts. Which means you can vote three times each day. Yup! U can vote once everyday !! As right now Big Bang is leading in only two catogories
Lets do this everyone!!!! Yes im a kpop lover but Big Bang will always be my TOP #1 ❤️ Vote✔️ Vote✔️ Vote✔️
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XD already on it 😏
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Keep going yall!!!! Three times everyday!! 😘
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Is it just me or the website is down? I can't log in to vote, it says that an error occurred while processing your request. Ref #97... Anyone knows what's going on?
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@aiison the website is working fine. I just voted
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