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BUFFY'S HAIRRRRR??? DID Y'ALL SEE HIS HAIRRRRR?? And H.O.....damn this teaser for just giving me just a short flash of that child's beauty.....his hair is lighter too ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ) And Jotaaaaa..... that boy is just beautiful any which way you look at him♥


Where all my fellow MADPEOPLE at???

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@PassTheSuga Woah really? I just looked it up and couldn't find anything but the teaser and- OH WAIT YES. XD Thanks for letting me know! Holy moly
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THE HECK WAS THAT. MY BABY H.O. -.- Such a cheeky video.. Buffy's hair looks so nice.. and that BEAT! You can't help but just jam. Biting my lip the entire time. Do they expect us to handle these things calmly?? XD
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I KNOW RIGHT???? @GamingAirbender H.O's your bias too??? lol OMG he looked soooo adorable!!! And Buffys hair should be illegal...HE LOOKED SO GOOD! Well they ALL looked good.
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@PassTheSuga He is my bias! ^^ UGH that white blonde on Buffy is just.. RIGHT. xD They all really do look good! Honestly it took me a second to recognize Daewon cause he's rockin' that hair! But I can't get over the fact that Madtown keep dropping these super catchy title songs! All of the songs just get stuck in your head. I remember finding them just because they were my precious mblaq's dongsaengs haha. But I fell so quick. I wish them more popularity in the future! I gotta share the madtown love hahaha
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@GamingAirbender I felt the same way about Daewon too! The hair really fits his personality. H.O's hair color really brings out his eyes (❁´▽`❁) Can you tell I watched this MV more than a few times? (´ヮ`) I got sucked into watching Madtown TV after their debut just to learn their names and personalities but ended up falling for them too. They deserve more attention and love for sure.
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