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Alexandra Reid

First and foremost can we talk about how beautiful she is. And if you don't know who she is the newest member of Raina, she is a mixed girl with black and white parents.
she's a model and also a rapper and was in a video with Chris Brown well she was the lead girl. she has been under Def records ever since she was 15 and to tell the truth as an African American girl I am extremely happy that this is happening.
Like my emotions are all over the place I can't conceal them.
But on youtube I discovered a problem a big problem.
People are saying that my ultimate bias Rap Monster might try to get with her.
don't believe me check this out.
I know it's wrong to feel the same way but like I said he's my ultimate bias so my emotions are all over the place.
I feel like crying but I also feel like being excited for her for this opportunity.
I know its bad and I shouldn't feel this way but I don't know. I just can't see Rap Monster in a relationship well just not now.
but I will support anything those two artists do because they're are going to mean everything to me.
is it wrong for me to feel jealous of Alex. but like exactly what they say you can be his fan but you can't never be his girl
but this is my problem but the most problem is the haters. people are hating on her already and only thing she's has done is a trailer video and a dance practice. she hasn't even been in the limelight long enough.she said that she was willing to learn about the culture and everything but people still don't understand.
like why is there so much hate let the girl do her dang, at least give her a chance of day God.
but this is how I feel about the whole thing I wonder how you guys feel let me know in the comments.
it's great that a non Asian is joining a kpop group. it shows how much she loves the culture and wants to get involved with it. I love Rap Monster but if he wants to try to get with her then I'm okay with that. It shows how much he doesn't care about diversity and if it makes him happy then that's a good thing. From my experience people called me a crazy Asian for listening to that weird kpop stuff. I think Alex can make this more than a crazy weird Asian fandom thing. The haters are just gonna hate. Don't care about them. YOU CAN DO IT ALEX!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!
@Michellelbarra I apologize and that was very deep and very inspirational in take thank you.
She had amazingly beautiful eyes. I am jealous!! But she gives this little African American girl hope!!! Alexandra, fighting✊✊✊
Holy crap her EYES. I can't wait to see how this affects the Kpop industry! I know that Michelle didn't get that much attention (she's soooo talented though!) so I hope things are different for Alexandra
It's pretty cool that she joined the group and she like freaking beautiful like my god, but about the rumors I don't want to over think it. When I found out (which was right now) I was like on the verge of crying I was like "Namjoon why?!?!" And he's not even my bias lol but I hope Alex does good in the future and proves everyone that she's good enough to be on that stage the girls
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