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My choice would of been itachi, gaara, sasuke, kakashi, minato, naruto, shikamaru, sasori, deidara, hinata, iruka, sai, sakura
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No is witch one is your favorite naruto character @OGv6FATE
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I'm not gonna lie I like all the leaf ninja and the few of the others allied villages. but out of three I say Naruto Gaara kakashi Females Hinata Tamari Sakera (after useful Sunade Training)
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can't believe sasori was so high, and deidara, but no Jiraiya! jeez.
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@kawaiichibifox In that case. 12: Sasuke 11: Sakura 10: Sai 9: Iruka 8: Shikamaru 7: Itachi 6: Minato 5: Kakashi 4: Deidara 3: Gaara and Sasori 2: Hinata 1: Naruto
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is Sasuke friggin blushing? what is happening? (lol JK definitely not)
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