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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Tokohana by Nagi Yanagi (Black Bullet)

An under-rated song from an under-rated anime. Black Bullet is pretty short and it's nothing TOO crazy but it delivers. It stays in your memories and with good reasons. This song helps on doing that and one of the main reasons why the anime was so enjoyable. Normally, an ending song is a ballad or at least it makes you feel that an episode is over but this one just makes you wanting more!
Male version which still sounds amazing! I was surprised that this version sounds a lot gentler than the original but it might be because of the guy's softer voice.

For those who have watched "Black Bullet", What's your opinion on the anime?

Close your eyes and listen!~

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I thought that it was good :)
@MaighdlinS @RaquelArredondo its good, my only complain is that its too short...
Ohh yeah that's true hahah @RosePark
Black Bullet will always be one of the greatest Animes I have ever seen tho it is short there was so much action and it was always intense and it really plays with your emotions
Ooo, this anime looks great! Thank you! Just curious, has you ever watched Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry? I don't remember if it's one of the ones you recommended, or if it's one I found by myself. I just finished the six available episodes for it, and it's amazing! Very technical fights, with a great storyline and there is one scene that reminds me of a current friendship of mine, between the main character and his girlfriend, the main supporting character ^.^ It's quite funny too ^.^ However, there is a desired incestuous relationship, and while I have no problem with it, some people do XD