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Serves: 4 – 5- 2 cups short grain rice )known as Egyptian rice around here( …. you can even use medium grain if you want …- 1 cup brown lentils … rinsed- 2 cups cooked elbow pasta .. or any other small pasta you like- 4 big red onions … chopped in half.. then into crescent shape- 2 big tomatoes … peeled and chopped ..- 1 tb tomato sauce- 2 big garlic cloves … minced- 1 small onion finely chopped- 1 ts cumin- 1/2 ts turmeric- 1/2 ts safflower- salt … 2 ts for the rice … and 1 /2 tsfor the sauce- 1 tb ghee or butter In a pot add the lentils …. then add enough water to cover around 2 inches above the lentils ….Bring it to a boil and cook until the lentils are just cooked … dont over cook them or they will be too mushy.. you want it to hold its shape Once the lentils are done … strain it.. and preserve the liquid that you cooked it in … this will be used to cook the rice later … Now to make the tomato sauce …In a pot … add the tomatoes, mincedgarlic, and 1/2 ts salt …. then add to it around 1/2 cup of water … mix everything together … and let it boil over low heat for around 20 to 30 mins .. until it represents pasta sauce .. if its liquids dry out … add a little more water …Ps.some people like to puree the sauce after its done … its totally upto you Now for the onions .. after chopping the onions .. heat some oil … and deep fry them until golden … Be careful not to over fry them or they will become black quickly … Cooking the rice …In a pot … melt the ghee or butter …. then to it add the finely chopped onion … and cook it until slightly golden … Then add 2 1/2 cups of the reservedlentil water ….Ps.The amount of water used depends on the type of rice used … if you are using eygptian rice then add as much as mentioned if using different you have to adjust accordingly To the lentil liquid … add the cumin…. Then add 2 ts salt …. also add the safflower and turmeric … Once the mixture gets to a boil … add the rice … Cover and cook it over VERY low heat until the rice is done … around 15 mins …Now all your ingredients are ready…. To serve it … you start by a layer of rice …. then a layer of lentils … then the cooked pasta …. then add the tomato sauce .. and finally add a little of onion …And thats it …. you got a healthy vegetarian Koshary …Enjoy
@sara3 ... this is it.... hope u like it
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thank you,Jazakallah!
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