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I am actually late on this, but I am on the last day to do this. However, I am ready to post this just for @kpopandkimchi For my Song writer appreciation, I and doing this for Zico of Block B
This little cutie is my favorite song writers. Him being the second youngest in the group, Zico makes a great leader and song writer.
I mean, just looking at the first video you can see how great he is, and how well he is when making music. He is such a good Coach to his members as well. And the second video you can hear the final for the music, and it just sounds wonderful!
With his song 4 my Town Featuring Mino from WINNER, I have just died everytime I heard this song. Everytime I hear Zico and his low raspy voice, it just about kills me. Not only that, but how fast he raps.
Zico being the tough boy he is, has never stopped. He may be a cute boy, but he will always show his tough side in his songs.
Just recently we were given the music video for his song Yes or No, I have just been too happy.
The thing I think is sweet, is that even though he isn't with BASTARZ, he still is there to help P.O, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb out with their music.
This boy just does not know when to stop being so amazing
What about you guys? Who is your favorite song writer? I'm kind of curious
Sorry I'm just now seeing this!!! I wanted to add Zico to mine too but I knew someone who choose him cause he's AWESOEM
@Jiyongixoxo omg I remember that! and I totally agree!
Zico is an amazing artist! He has so much talent , he wrote fear with mino and all his songs are perfect
@PassTheSuga exactly! that's part of why I love him so much
Zico's a great leader! One of my favorites...he's held his group together thru so much.
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