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one day I was looking at the stars when I noticed something struck speechless I stared at the beauty now before me a galaxy had appeared from the black hole and was looking my way her sparkling eyes lit up the dark night sky and made her seem even brighter still staring I slowly approached her hoping she wouldn't push me into the black hole instead she showed me something new as she turned her curly hair resembled the swirls of the cosmos with a new galaxy in front of my to explore I took her hand BOOM With our energy an explosion of stars created a beautiful scene in the sky when she smiled her colors were more brilliant making all gaze at her it was a little scary being near such beauty I feared someone would claim her as theirs I shyly asked what she was called she uttered vanny my cheeks turned pinker than the brightest pink in her system there are alot of times I fear that I've gone out of orbit but I'm wrong the entire time she's had everything under control and its all OK all she has to do is speak and its like a wish coming true from a shooting star it always leads me back to where I belong like the north star whenever we look into each others eyes we can see our infinite universes while time passes we stay the same like ursa major and minor then one day I realized that if I lost her it'd be like jumping into the sun everything would crumble to bits because she is my galaxy
this is incredibly amazing. I love how you relate this girl to a galaxy. extremely well written.
@DanielRivera thanks so much I wanted to write that for weeks but just got around to it