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As many of you who follow my illustration/fan art collections know - I am fond of doing illustration series where I create portraits of the main characters of a famous/popular franchise. Below you'll see samples of work from my "Game of Thrones", "Justified", "James Bond", and "Marvel Universe" series. I am looking to take on a new project - and with the newest Star Wars film due soon and talks of more Harry Potter (prequel) films in the works - I'm really interested in seeing what you think.
Which would you rather see? Start Wars or Harry Potter?
I'll make up my mind on Thanksgiving - holidays are usually quiet for me and a good time to relax and start new projects (ones for myself).
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@buddyesd omg yes @BeannachtOraibh gave me some cravings XD
You're comparing apples to oranges. Both of these epic tales are amazing to see brought to life.
@ZaydZAstunem he was looking to start a new artistic project and wanted to know which one we'd rather see him do
stars wars then