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Yup, you guessed it. I am going for Wade ♥. I will get into a little bit of the back story of Deadpool and his role in the civil war. Originally, he was on Stark's side because his pockets ran deep and he (stark) gave Deadpool a mission to cause choas on Captain America's side. However he ran into his good time traveling buddy Cable and Cable told him the deal. Basically Deadpool was told not to kill but Thor on Team Stark had no problems killing people on Captain America's side. This actually angered Deadpool and he aligned himself with Cable and the rest of Team Cap. I choose Wade because he was able to see the war from both sides and see how much trickery and back stabbing was going on. So Deadpool would be my ally because he woke up and smelled the coffee.
Eventually, I will tell you the full story of the civil war through Deadpool's eyes. Which is quite interesting. Sorry I am late #teamCAP and @shannonl5 I have a cold kicking me left to right.
LOL! I am not surprised. You and Wade make a great team <3
feel better
you are welcome