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This cutie has my poor little Noona heart a flutter! I love him I do ^__^
Every time I see him dance or hear him sing I am speechless....
Plus he is cute so cute and handsome at the same time with that beautiful laugh and smike of his...I need help guys! Between him and D.o I just can't even anymore @AimeeH for tagging me in Noona November love you
@CristinReynolds oh so there is a word for someone younger i hope i get called it lol i mighy do that for December thats a good idea and if i do do it ill make sure to give you credit
lol @AimeeH how about oppa October its a little late but maybe we can start it next yeat
@CristinReynolds I love this!! thank you so much!! Jimin is a preciousness!! Yes Mandi, cherish it! you can do Oppa Nov!
@amandamuska cherish it while you can you should do dongsaeng December ^__^ that way you can take part too!!! @AimeeH what do you think?
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