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And...I'm so I just got to episode 17...Kirito beat HeathCliff right saved Everyone and whatnot, but now there's another game EXACTLY like SAO? Why did we need this extension, I feel it could've stopped right after episode 14. I don't know how i feel about this second half...Someone please tell me it only gets better, and that I need to just relax.
Spoilers for people who haven't watched it yet the last episode is heartbreaking and full of feels
Alfheim was my favorite part of the whole SAO Anime. Keep calm and otaku on, my friend!
Well we had to see what happened to Asuna and Kirito after the battle and im glad they showed it
It was so on par, they had to put par's on top of par's to keep up with the par demanded... mission success... twas great.
its definitely in par with the first part and well worth it
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