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You wake up and boom.. You are Batman! Tell me what would you do? Marvel family will be tagged as well, because hell, who does not know about Batman! Btw my Two day Challenge ✨ ✨ is not a challenge lol just remember creatively and to encourage laugher and fun. Remember my tagging sucks so all Vingle join in and also drop ideas on which superhero should be next!
Jump on people from rooftops and yell "Get batmanned!"
I would just talk nonstop. His voice is beautiful.....then if this was like dark knight time, track down the Joker (aka Heath Ledger) and give him a big hug and kiss. Man, if this was The Dark Knight and I had Heath Ledger, I would just latch onto his leg, never let go, and if he started to act all depressed and suicidal, I would smack him and tell him everyone loves him. LEDGER FOR LIFE!!!!!!! (but I'm still in love with Loki too. Don't think I'm done with him....😉)
drive the bat mobile then right before I crash into a wall at fill speed grapple out of there while flicking of gordon
but if I were batman first thing is hug Alfred he's been there for me (mostly batman/Bruce) and then later on apologize for what I will do for the rest of the day. since batman is all intense I'll be the opposite
@Thatperson512 that absolutely sounds fun! @ManiValencia lol that's what most people would probably do too lol
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