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You wake up and boom.. You are Batman! Tell me what would you do? Marvel family will be tagged as well, because hell, who does not know about Batman! Btw my Two day Challenge ✨ ✨ is not a challenge lol just remember creatively and to encourage laugher and fun. Remember my tagging sucks so all Vingle join in and also drop ideas on which superhero should be next!
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quit my job cuz im rich
fight crime and wish to be batman forever
Thank you everyone for participating in the two day Challenge that is not actually a challenge lol. So we have Batman here who is going to fight crime, quit his day job, blow up Joker, become part of a Metal band and watch Aqua Man get beat up by flounder and his crew. Batman will also be beating up Superman, jumping from roof tops, chit chat non stop and drive that awesome Batmobile.. And protect Robin because you know Robin... Lol That above is a Summary of Batman's day.. He is going to be super tired lol The next two day Challenge ✨ ✨ ✨ Link http://www.vingle.net/posts/1191118?shsrc=v
I would be like yo Alfred where u at cuZz I need help figuring out the bat mobile lol I need to go to the store we out of milk lol
always go around saying because I'm Batman and pick up ladies with so you wanna know my secret identity as I roll by in the batmobile