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Another one of my misconceptions: "no no no na no na".
Okay: to be honest, I seriously thought that Hyuna was singing to me. Like, really.
(Listen to Hyuna's whole Roll Deep/Because I Am the Best here!)
When you sing it, it's kind of slurred, so I can sort of tell why I thought she was *singing* that.
Here's the part that sounds like it. Doesn't it kinda sound like she's singing? Well: I was proved otherwise.
I looked it up, and I came across the result: "너는 너 나는 나" (neoneun neo naneun na).
Especially with these kinds of phrases, it's really hard to hear it right the first time. She's saying, "You are you, I am me". Let's go through this phrase one by one.
너는(neo-neun): You are
너 (neo): You
나는 (na-neun); I am
나 (na); I
Or, something close to that (correct me if I'm wrong!)
The difference between 너 and 나, is that 너 hasㅓ(eo), and 나 hasㅏ(ah). Basically o and a. Agh! That's the only difference there! Confusing!!!
But after I started listening to this song more, I realized that it's not too hard. It's just no nooh no na nooh na. 괜찮아요 (gwenchanayo; it's ok), I've got this.
[The word I just used there (괜찮아요) is probably used in every drama, I mean it. It's one of the first word (er, phrase) I discovered while watching K-Drama :)]
//her winks are so adorable :3//
안녕 (anneyong)!
This is awesome!! I always thought she was just saying 'nananananana" hahahahah
@IMNII NIIIICE!!! I wish I have a mom like that... well, different peoples' opinions, I guess.
Ikr! Hwaiting! @AmbieB
@IMNII LOL LUCKY!!! My mom doesn't like k-pop... I also love that part too!!! 이렇게 저렇게, 이렇게 저렇게~
@AmbieB Nice! I'm learning the song too :)
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