Twice Screenshot Game Results!
This is the one where I got trolled... @ChelseaJay made this delightful screenshot game because she is bringing girl group equality to the screenshot games. But. I had one request Twice! I said no babies! And yet... Here are my results. Too lazy to do a story time.
Childhood Friend: Dahyun Roommate: Tzuyu Crush: Tzuyu Secret Admirer: Nayeon Kissed: Nayeon Best Friend: Jihyo Frenemy: Nayeon, I actually totally dig the Nayeon storyline. We have like this love hate push pull kinda relationship. Girlfriend: Dahyun Summer Roadtrip W: Tzuyu Cuddle Buddy: Chaeyoung SO MANY BABIES WTF. So. In these results lets just imagine I am 17. It works better. Not a 23 year old creeper.
Marry or Cheat: Cheat, cause I'm a sketch. With Who? Jeongyeon. Oh. Okay. That's cool.
we both cheated woth Jeongyeon lol
2 years ago·Reply
@ChelseaJay cause she's babe lol.
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