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@shannonl5 started up to get to know meme, and it is an truly awesome Idea. It's pretty cool to know some things about the people you chit chat with on cards and of course share laughs. I copied and pasted her questions she (@shannonl5) posted and I will make a few changes to some of the questions. So the rules are simple.. Leave a number and I will answer the question!
1.Favorite Marvel cosplay you've done? 2. Marvel cosplay you want to do? 3. Favorite Marvel hero? 4. Favorite Marvel villain? 5. Anything you'd retcon if you could? 6. Favorite comic book artist? 7. What else are you really geeky about? 8. How did you get into Marvel/comics? 9. Favorite comic book-inspired animated series? 10. Favorite non-hero comic book character?
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@nobankai Thursday is the best day ever! I can't stand Wednesdays
@LAVONYORK i agree with your likes and dislikes lol Wednesday is not for me
@nobankai I really started hating Wednesdays due to that hump day commerical and people asking if I'm going to hump. Dude, TMI lol
@LAVONYORK @nobankai lol I was the worst student in high school and I had an excuse for every day of the week... but Wednesday's excuse was the realest XD