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Ok here it is! Sorry it's late @ChelseaJay and I'm still a bit unfamiliar with the group so I don't know their personalities yet.. Childhood Friend: Dahyun Roommate: Mina Crush: Sana Secret Admirer: Jeongyeon Kissed: Dahyun Best Friend: Chaeyoung Frenemy: Tzuyu Girlfriend: Sana Summer Road Trip With: Jeongyeon Cuddle Buddy: Nayeon (not really a story just more a run down of events) Well I guess I confused Dahyun and I's friendship for something more and ended up kissing her. It made things awkward between us for awhile. When I told my roommate Mina and best friend Chaeyoung about it, they asked if it wasn't just because I really had a crush on Sana and was in denial. They told me to just confess and see what happens. So the next day when I confessed to my Sana she accepted me and we're happy together now. Little did I know that Jeongyeon had developed a crush on me when we went on our summer road trip to Busan. Tzuyu and I never really get along but she really hates it when Nayeon and I are cuddly in the common room and after practices.
* BONUS! * Soo one day I stayed after practice to work on my singing some more by myself when someone walks in and gives me a back hug. It was Dahyun! She told me ever since our kiss months ago she'd been confused and trying to figure out her feelings for me. Since we'd been friends for such a long time she thought it was just friendship. But seeing me with Sana made her jealous and she realized she loved me. I ended up cheating on Sana with Dahyun who I really loved and later broke-up with Sana. *Years Later* Dahyun and I are married and have a little girl named Minji. I dunno I just wrote whatever came to mind.. hope it didn't suck too bad. It's my first time letting other people read my attempt at a kinda story. I'm still working on my Got7 story time. °~°
lmfao, i love it haha