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Welcome to VIXX's Chained Up Giveaway Question TWO!

There will be a question card once a day until the end of the giveaway, you must participate in EACH question (There will be 6 questions total) by leaving a comment below!
Check up on the official rules and prizes >>HERE<<
My overall favorite is On and On, but I think I love the dance for Voodoo the most :D

What's your favorite concept!?

Remember you need to answer all 6 questions to be eligible for the prize at the end of the week :D
Post your answers BEFORE November 14 11:59pm PST!
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I also loved voodoo era. It's was really amazing.
My favorite would be Error because of the choreography and concept. But the one that stood out was Voodoo Doll because of the creepy makeup/ design also the concept was really great. ♡
My favorite concept is ERROR. Even though I love all their concepts this one had to be the best one. ERROR shows that love is irreplaceable, at least to me it does. No matter the circumstances are, you will always have that special someone to lean on. Love has limits; no time, age, color, sex etc. but we follow through them because that is what we have been taught. Hongbin and Youngji (and the VIXX members) showed us that we dont always have to obey the law (like obeying your parents), there is always a way to break through/a leeway. We either get heartbroken in the end or live in "happily ever after". In ERROR it was both. Hongbin and Youngji were reunited when Hongbin fixed her up but were suddenly torn apart when the agents came. As happy as they felt they had to come to a heartbreaking decision of leaving together, that way they'll still be together in the end. And their choreography, their makeup concept, their clothing was awesome. The special effect they had in the mv. Everything.
THROWBACK! Fave concepts are probably super hero, gr8u or love equation~💕💕💕 ah actually I should probably narrow it down but...
Rock your body's concept
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