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What If? Who would it be then?
Okay so in the drama Boys Over Flowers Jan Di gets involved with a lot of boys and ends up with Jun Pyo. But what if it wasn't Jun Pyo? What if it was someone else from F4?
The considerate and supportive Woo Bin
The ice cold casanova yet warm and innocent Yi Jung
the soul mate Ji Hoo
Or stick with the original couple with Jun Pyo
What do guys think? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.
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I wanted her to pick Ji Hoo, I didn't like Jun Pyo and honestly it's the only role that I don't like Lee Minho
@merryjayne13 same I really hated Lee Minho while he was playing that role but then he came out in Heirs and it was all good
@emilyanpham14 @kpopandkimchi yeah after I saw him in Heirs was like wow I may like him. I'm not really sure if it was his hair or his attitude or both in Boys over Flowers but yeah since the other things I've seen him I've enjoyed like Heirs and Fate, City Hunter was good too
I didn't like him In the beginning but he grew on me.. then I thought she wasn't good enough for him Lol my Lee Min Ho feels grew too hard