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Welcome to VIXX's Chained Up Giveaway Question FOUR!

There will be a question card once a day until the end of the giveaway, you must participate in EACH question (There will be 6 questions total) by leaving a comment below!
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Ken would be my friend, obviously! Who wouldn't want to be his best friend!?

Who Would Be Your Best Friend in VIXX?

Remember you need to answer all 6 questions to be eligible for the prize at the end of the week :D
Post your answers BEFORE November 14 11:59pm PST!
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Ken oppa!! 😊
Ravi or Hyuk. Hyuk is so sassy and cute and we would get into so much trouble together, picking on my bestie and his Hyungs, but Ravi and I would bring the house down with our awesomeness and super fun personality's.
I used to always say Ken, but I'm going to say Ravi!! <3
THIS ONE IS REALLY HARD. I feel like Hakyeon would be that friend that nags you to do homework or whatever important events/stuff you need to do first. I think Ken and Ravi would just fool around a lot and just do crazy stuff for the laughs. And Ravi might be that one friend that uses pick-up lines. Ken would semi whine when he would want to do other things besides homework. Leo would be that smart friend that you would as for help. Silent but nice. You can tell secrets to him. Hongbin would be that friend that is popular but is a dork. Hyuk would be just like Ken.
Hakyeon is nice to all the members, he is a great leader and I think he will made me laugh more than any other member
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