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Welcome to VIXX's Chained Up Giveaway Question FOUR!

There will be a question card once a day until the end of the giveaway, you must participate in EACH question (There will be 6 questions total) by leaving a comment below!
Check up on the official rules and prizes >>HERE<<
Ken would be my friend, obviously! Who wouldn't want to be his best friend!?

Who Would Be Your Best Friend in VIXX?

Remember you need to answer all 6 questions to be eligible for the prize at the end of the week :D
Post your answers BEFORE November 14 11:59pm PST!
Get the link to all the questions HERE!
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i think Leo would be mine
I think N cuz I also love to eat! XD
I think it would be Ravi.
100% ken. we both would weird out everyone with our endless energy then suddenly faint from the excess energy usage
Leo or hongbin