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Welcome to VIXX's Chained Up Giveaway Question FIVE!

There will be a question card once a day until the end of the giveaway, you must participate in EACH question (There will be 6 questions total) by leaving a comment below!
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Impossible to choose! GR8U is one of my favorite songs every but I live for their dark concepts. So I'll say dark for concepts and light for that cheating?!

Do you like Dark or Light Concepts?

Remember you need to answer all 6 questions to be eligible for the prize at the end of the week :D
Post your answers BEFORE November 14 11:59pm PST!
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I love both, like Rock Ur Body & G.R.8.U. are my jam, but I am in love with their dark concepts because they know how to catch the peoples attention and suck you into the MV/ Performances! !!
both because they are amazing no matter what. the light concept makes me feel happy since they look happy, and their dark concepts show off their manly sides. take into account their "why girls" collab and their recent "chained up" comeback: it makes me think of how they would treat their partners ;) its fine.
I have to give like he same answer as the creator of this card! GR8U is one of my favorites (I mean so is Hyde). This one is probably the hardest to choose right now.
i like light because they are more fun and dance
my head is gonna explode thinking about this right now they are both amazing in their own right and VIXX pulls them both off perfectly although I personally like more sang namja concept but every now and them I'll fall for that cute style.... I say dark just my personal preference!
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