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This is a pic of myself from a while back as neko with red contacts and a black tail which didn't make its way into the actual picture. I actually made the jacket out of an old t shirt, a hood from a wrecked jacket, and a black dog colar that had paw prints on the buckle. To make the image really stand out I added a translucent picture of my red eyes in the background. Its one of the only pictures of myself I actually like. I even used this design along with myself (when in had a little longer hair) as the basis of the Cheshire cat in my Alice in Wonderland Reboot.
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I was also working at McDonald's by then so I had to cut my hair shorter and lose the color XP I can go back now that I have a different job
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ohh nic ,haha cool though !! i hate jobs that do that but since you have a different job do what you want now huh haha @MichaelOgg
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@wendycraftq Yea it my mom is a stylist so she got my hair almost black and shined a vibrant green which I thought was cool XP
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dude if your mom helps with cosplay shes awesome lol
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@wendycraftq she rocks xD her new bf is way into dbz, Naruto, Dr who, ext.... XP
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