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I've been meaning to get into K-dramas but I'm not sure what to watch so I'd appreciate it if someone will leave some suggestions in the comments
thank you 💕
For me the best are "Boys over flowers", "You're beautiful", "My love from another star", "To the beautiful you", "Mischievous kiss"(this is a Japanese drama), "Playfull kiss"( the Korean version of mischievous kiss). These are really good and also funny dramas. I hope you like them. ^^
I think She was pretty or Boys over flowers is good if your starting out. although I really like Gu family book, my love from the stars, emergency couple and dream high (not the 2nd one). as for variety shows, I HIGHLY recommend running man. my favorite korean movie is "A werewolf boy" and its SOO good.
Coffee Prince for first timers!
because it's the first time, bride of the century, healer, my lovable girl, princess ki
The heirs, boys over flowers, sassy go go, mischievous kiss: love in Tokyo, you're beautiful