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I would say for a good, large chunk of my lifting experience, I was squatting low-bar. However, I was having so many issues with it. Until one of my teammates suggested I tried the high-bar squat to see if I'd feel more comfortable with it.
It was love at first squat.
I found it much easier to squat high bar, than low bar. So that's what I prefer, and I will probably never go back to a low-bar squat.

Which squat do you prefer?

idk i just think this gif is awesome...
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High bar. Low bar looks crazy difficult and dangerous.
@Marshalledgar low bars are actually okay if done correctly. You can usually carry more weight with a low bar squat. But I am with ya -- I prefer high bar squats.
I definitely want a spotter for it.
I do high bar because I hurt my elbows for some reason
I do both for variation, but I prefer high. front squats FTW