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Feel free to start commenting on your ships, or any suggestions, and I will add them! I really love pairing songs, and great music with Anime anyhow, so I will be posting all the ones I have. Please bare with me, as it will be a long post, also Please no wars Okay? lets all be peaceful.
USUK,AmeriCan, AmeriLiet and FrUS
FrUK, France and Joan, Franada (strictly Father/Son)
RedVelvetPancakes (1p2pCanada), Prucan x2, RusCanx2
ColdWar (Russia America), NYO!BelRus, RusLiet (my guilty ship)
GerIta and GerPan
HongIce, NorIce (brotherly) DenNor and SuFin
Finally someone who knows what hetalia is!!!!!!
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@MelanieMott Hi! Yeah! its like one of my favorite Anime, and has been for a while now, I am a little obsessed actually XD but I adore it.
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Yeah once you start watching it you get obsessed very easy
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@MelanieMott Exactly! there are just so many great characters to fall in love with, and so many cute pairings, and ships, and cute.
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