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Do you remember a while back when GD got this tattoo ...
You know this one ^^
Well Taeyang also happend to be in the shops getting alittle work done
Wait wait wait.....I can't just simply show you
We need to appreciate the essence that is Taeyang first ♡♡
What do we love about Taeyang? Only those who answer correctly can see his tattoo
That's right we love "Everything" about him :D
Okay I just you deserve too see it..since you followed the rules. Now I have to keep my promise and show you :P
Yup same that was my face when I saw it for the first time XD
Out of the members who currently don't have any tattoos who do you think is mostly likely to get one next?
Top hates tattoos and said he'd never get one. Ri said his skin is too pretty. Daesung just has no interest in it. GD is most likely to get a new one .
@jiyongixoxo I'm not sure about it being on his chest either. maybe he is thinking te same thing that's why he keeps his shirt on now lol
@lilbr0wneyes I love tattoos and I just think the placement is a little weird but I still love it and yeah idk what his deal is now lol
@jiyongixoxo I think tattoos are so sexy I wish he would show it off. you were right in your other card he used to never wear a shirt now he won't take it off.
@lilbr0wneyes and I don't mean ruined in a bad way
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