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The arena is death city
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@JoshuanGraston I think that's why Light would be ineffective. Because it could be Son Goku, or Kakarot, and there's no way to tell if a shinigami's death note that preys on human souls would have jurisdiction over a saiyan. and I would make the same argument really for any geass. just because they work on humans doesn't mean that it would work on goku. hard to say really.
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#epic those are my thoughts
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f. it. goku let's just blow up the planet and got to another one. they can't survived in space, unlike you goku. that can teleport anywhere @JoshuaGraston @InVinsybll
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yeah let's just do something completely out of character that goku would never do......@deadmen0205
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DragonBallz. draaagooon Baaaallzzzzzz.
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