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Surely this is the end for Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, no?

Chelsea lost - again! - to Stoke City at home yesterday and the embarrassment does not end. They slipped to 16th in the table and suffered their SEVENTH loss this season.

Last season, when they won the title, they lost only three matches all season. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

There just don't seem to be any answers that the moment for Chelsea, and if they don't turn things around now, they can kiss their hopes of finishing top four goodbye.
Saturday's loss also probably signals the end of Jose Mourinho's term at Chelsea. "The Special One" as he calls himself was not even present at the match as he was serving his one match stadium ban imposed by the FA but he was surely swearing under his breath back at home as his team could not put it together.
While they didn't play terribly, Chelsea did not do enough against a tough Stoke side.
Marko Arnautovic hit the only goal of the match in fine fashion as he turned in a side-volley for the win.

Stoke are an impressive side who never seem to make things easy for their opponent, and with their new transfer Xherdan Shaqiri in the team, they have some innovation, too. They are definitely a side to keep an eye on.

I would've thought Mourinho would've been sacked immediately following the match, but he's stuck around thus far.
Maybe that means the board aren't ready to send him off quite yet, which seems crazy to me given the title holders' recent form.

They haven't put it together all season and I think the manager has to be held responsible.

It's time for Mourinho to go, and I think even the Chelsea fans will agree. Right?

The falcao effect 馃憣
@mchlyang @InPlainSight I suppose. But i think results tell the story and the manager is accountable. Players with the quality of Hazard and Fabregas don't stay in poor form for this long unless something is really wrong. The tactics just aren't working
I don't have a problem with them keeping Mourhino as long as they like. Newcastle are 1 point and one place behind Chelsea, I'll be happy if we overtake them. Seriously though, its a matter for Chelsea fans...if they want to keep him, keep him
I agree i think they stuck by him because they thought he could turn things around but I don't see it happening
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