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Random newbie checking in. I love Kpop and Kdramas as well as anime and Japanese culture. I know a bit of Japanese, Korean and a bit of French, Spanish and Italian as well though I have also been able to pick up Portuguese. I have a love of languages I just have a bad unit of studying a little of them all at once. I help people in Korea and Japan by helping tutor them in English on HelloTalk. I have Kakao Talk and Line as well as Line Play. Working on studying Kanji. Hoping to make friends who love the same things. I have a love of fashion and gaming as well, currently playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Have an awesome night guys! (The picture is a character I drew myself. I also love to draw manga type characters and would love to some day collaborate with someone who is good at story lines. Mine never come out quite right...)
Basically everyone I have come across but my first group I ever heard was SNSD then Girl's Day and then AOA and now EXO and SJ and so many more... Too many haha
Welcome!!!!!!! What Kpop groups are you into!?