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Last week we learned that stress can kill us. So I decided to do a little bit more research and design a DIY Stress relief kit full of things that can help you calm the F down. The things on this list are for comfort and happiness. Some are even backed up by science! Hell yeah. Science!
So sit back, relax and let me tell you all the things you need to relieve your stressful self today.

Here's what you should include in your kit:

1. Stress ball.

These little suckers are old school, but they work. Grab on to something soft and just squeeze. It may seem a little odd, but studies suggest that taking out your mind's tension physically can do wonders for your stress levels, that's why exercise is such a good way to manage it. But, lord knows we don't all have the willpower to hit the gym when we're feeling overwhelmed. Meet your stress in the middle and do something small.

2. Your favorite little snack.

Okay. I. Love. Chocolate. There, I said it! If you're making this kit, you should include something that really makes you happy. Despite the nutritional value, chocolate has been proven to increase brain productivity. Dark chocolate is especially useful. So get going, and indulge. Nothing cures stress like eating something you want to eat, within reason of course.

3. Aloe

One of my favorite beauty secrets of Korean culture is aloe. You can put any kind of aloe in the refrigerator and apply it to your face, neck or hands to get a seriously soothing feeling. Aloe isn't just for sunburn. Remember that.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

I'm not sure I would have survived senior year of college without lavender essential oil. Honestly, it's a miracle worker. Apply this to your wrists, under your nose and behind your ears for an instant de-stressing effect. Look into Citrus scented oils for further relief.

5. A Coloring Page

I wrote a bit about the healing properties of coloring earlier last month, but if you want to just include a little of the magic, make sure you've got one of these printable coloring pages in your kit. They're free and simple to get, so print directly from here!

6. Herbal Tea

Another seriously calming thing is tea. I've just recently gotten into all the different kinds of tea you can buy for different reasons. Some of my favorite blends have hibiscus in them. That flower is seriously magical.

What would you include in your kit? Happy De-Stressing!

This is was very helpful thank you!
massage your body with simple body work.. lavender+peppermint oil..keep you calm and release headache too
@jazziejazz I'll have to look at yours too thank you!
interesting I just put up a card asking for destressing ideas and then I find yours... thanks I will try a few...
i always put on my favorite song.
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