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Rosie Mercado started off as a photographer, but shifted into modeling after a celebrity photographer told her she had a beautiful face and should consider being in front of the camera. Although she began to take photos of herself, she was often rejected by agencies because of her size.
Mercado was about 400 pounds and made the decision to lose weight. She is now around 225 pounds at 5 feet and 9 inches -- and she's all curves, baby!

She's known for her very wide hips, and killer face.

Them hips definitely don't lie!

During an interview with People, she talked about how her weight gain was due to her hard life.

"I hit rock bottom about eight years ago, and started gaining a lot of weight. My son was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, my marriage fell apart. Everything that could possibly happen happened."

She also says that one of her toughest moments was when she was asked to buy a second plane seat because she couldn't fit into one.

So What Was Her Weight Loss Plan?

This how Rose Mercado lost weight, according to an Instagram post:
-Eat every 3 hours
-1 protein shake a day
-Low carb
-Low Sugar
-Lean protein & veggies ONLY
-Lots of water
-Running & walking
-Active 45 min a day -- 6 times a week

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She was beautiful before, but onestly, i think she looked better when her face was just a smidge pudgier. Now her face looks to chizeled. it doesn't fit the rest of her, even if she is still gorgeous.
She's so pretty!
wow! I look at her face and then I see her hips and I'm confused!!
her face doesn't match the rest of her, but still pretty
I love bbws