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After the last Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released a couple of weeks ago, I assumed that I probably wouldn't see anything cool or new from the movie until it came out. I mean, you can kind of assume when commercials and TV spots start being released (like the one at the bottom of this card) you'll see variations on what's already been shown.
But the International trailer that was released a couple of days ago shows us a bunch of new things that made my head do that weird exploding thing. You know what I'm talking about. As much as I want to go into this movie unsullied, I can't help but consume every piece of new media for this movie.
It's mainly the same but we get to see Kylo Ren's lightsaber close up (and maybe a little too close for Rey). This is probably one of my favorite moments because [nerd alert] seeing how unstable the beam looks on his saber implies that he might not be as in tune with the force as he needed to be before he built that thing. Also, it's really interesting to try and unpack who the "our" Kylo Ren is referring to in the trailer. Maybe Luke Skywalker is a bad guy and everyone's doing bad guy things! Oh no!
On a completely different note, the little kid in me started freaking out at that one shot of the X-Wing (if you swipe to the right above you'll see a screenshot I took) where it looks like they fixed the camera to the actual X-Wing and you can see other ones flying in front of it and oh my god I just want to be an X-Wing pilot is that so fucking bad, god damn that's so cool.
The TV spot that was also released also gives us a really handsome shot of old Han Solo in the winter time or something (hopefully he's just hanging out on Hoth). And it really gives Rey the spotlight. She kind of kicks a whole bunch of butt in just about 30 seconds. It also seems as if Lupita Nyong'o's character Maz Kanata is narrating the whole spot which is cool 'cause it really puts into perspective who her character might be (and how old she is).
Whether or not we keep getting new Star Wars footage from TV spots or International trailers, I'm still going to be excited about it. I kind of wish I could just go to sleep for a month and wake up when it comes out.
I know that's probably not healthy, but coming from a guy who binge drinks and chain smokes cigarettes, I'm pretty sure wishing I was in cryo-stasis for a month is a pretty positive change. So, if you know anyone that's good at freezing people, please private message me.
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