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After this awesome first week in our Nani November event, I'm pleased to announce the winner of the Chopper plushie giveaway!

Congratulations @Ash2424701!!!

After tallying all of the comments from this week and finding everyone who commented daily on my {NN} marked cards, I entered all of the names into an online randomizer, who then picked the result for us!
Thanks to everyone for participating, and stay tuned for the future! Lots of exciting things coming down the pipeline XD. We'll most likely be doing another weekly giveaway this week, so check in to see rules and things for that!
Also, if you participated in @hikaymm's weekly challenge, you can check her card out here to see the winner of that one!
I tried but hey glad to see such a turnout
Damn but congrats
i really wanted to win but congrats on winning
Thanks Everyone XD
dang.. this anime comnunity is nice. I WANT MY CHOPPER!! 😂 Only joking. congrats ash :)
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