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Hey Vingle anime fam!

So, the last time I put Ichigo in a VS Battle, it was kind of a one-sided battle. So, I'm sorry for that. Originally I wanted to do this matchup, but I don't know if enough people know who Guts is, or the manga Berserk.
In any case, this is the card that should've been originally. It's another couple swordsmen, so without any more pandering, I offer this fight between

Beserk Knight Guts and Substitute Shingami Ichigo Kurosaki!!

Guts - The Black Mercenary

The Dragonslayer, Guts' sword, is a weapon of legendary might. It is able to cleave through armored knights and their horses with one blow.
Guts' mechanical arm is outfitted with a cannon through which he can fire a powerful cannonball as well as a repeater crossbow than he can fire like a machine gun.
Guts also possesses the Berserk armor, which augments his already titanic strength, unleashing his muscles to achieve almost limitless power.

Ichigo Kurosaki - Substitute Shinigami

His Bankai allows him to reach unprecedented levels of speed, as well as grant him a boost in power.
In the most recent chapters of the manga, we know that Ichigo now has twin Zanpakutos. The power he has gained with them is as yet unseen.
Ichigo has huge amounts of Reiatsu, capable of incredible feats of power, speed, and durability with it.

Okay, so here's the second go at a card featuring Ichigo! I believe this is a much more even matchup than Kirito vs Ichigo.

Take all the facts into account and make your decision in the comments! Really make the strongest arguments you can. That's what makes it fun!! ^.^

I have read Bleach and Berserk I am a fan of both. Guts is a lot more tenacious and ruthless unlike Ichigo. To escape being burned alive by fire he ripped open a huge embryo like cocoon containing a human child and bathed in its placenta like contents to not get burned by the fire surrounding him. He would do anything necessary to win and he fights demonic huge monsters daily while weilding a huge slab of metal like sword with heavy as armor. His strength is nothing to scoff at and he has been in combat his entire life and training with a sword since he was a child. He has seen and encountered real evil like no other and has survived over whelming odds. And now with his demon armor equipment he can fight even with broken bones and it won't hinder his fighting ability but becomes faster and stronger fed by a berserker like rage.
as much as I absolutely love both of these I have to go with ichigo on speed alone in almost every other aspect guts is either even or better but it doesn't matter how strong you are if you can't hit your opponent you can't win
Although things definitely are one sided here, under many situations Ichigo actually would lose. Guts and his sword have cleaved through even impenetrable crystal which was unable to even be scratched by anyone, so more than likely although no one notices, Guts would be able to cleanly alive through Ichigo's so long as he doesn't activate his bankai instantly. Rarely does Ichigo go full out from the start of a fight, and against Guts that is a huge mistake. As well Ichigo isn't as Sly as Guts is and he has been taken by surprise many times by enemies, with this Guts could gravely wound Ichigo as he is often found baiting his opponent into thinking that he can't fight any longer before then finishing them off. I'd say Guts wins most of the short fights, while Ichigo wins most of the longer fights.
I'm going with guts on this one. guts's dragon slayer weighs 400lbs yet he can still wield it and move faster than the eye can see. ichigo, while incredibly fast seem to be lacking in purely physical strength (from what I've seen). I'm not sure if ichigo still has that hollow infused near immortality but the berserk armor will allow guts to fight until he has been completely drained of blood.
@MechaBlade would Guts be able to outrun Senbonzakura Kageyoshi?
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