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Hey Vingle anime fam!

So, the last time I put Ichigo in a VS Battle, it was kind of a one-sided battle. So, I'm sorry for that. Originally I wanted to do this matchup, but I don't know if enough people know who Guts is, or the manga Berserk.
In any case, this is the card that should've been originally. It's another couple swordsmen, so without any more pandering, I offer this fight between

Beserk Knight Guts and Substitute Shingami Ichigo Kurosaki!!

Guts - The Black Mercenary

The Dragonslayer, Guts' sword, is a weapon of legendary might. It is able to cleave through armored knights and their horses with one blow.
Guts' mechanical arm is outfitted with a cannon through which he can fire a powerful cannonball as well as a repeater crossbow than he can fire like a machine gun.
Guts also possesses the Berserk armor, which augments his already titanic strength, unleashing his muscles to achieve almost limitless power.

Ichigo Kurosaki - Substitute Shinigami

His Bankai allows him to reach unprecedented levels of speed, as well as grant him a boost in power.
In the most recent chapters of the manga, we know that Ichigo now has twin Zanpakutos. The power he has gained with them is as yet unseen.
Ichigo has huge amounts of Reiatsu, capable of incredible feats of power, speed, and durability with it.

Okay, so here's the second go at a card featuring Ichigo! I believe this is a much more even matchup than Kirito vs Ichigo.

Take all the facts into account and make your decision in the comments! Really make the strongest arguments you can. That's what makes it fun!! ^.^

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@MechaBlade would Guts be able to outrun Senbonzakura Kageyoshi?
hell no
@DaiGakuSei Not distance running, but movement speed.
@MechaBlade I was saying the same, would Guts be able to maneuver around Senbonzakura Kageyoshi enough to get close to Byakuya?