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I took this photo is today, I do have a sinus cold but it feels good to be alive. Vingle family and also my friends on and off line have been keeping me going.
I am taking care of my second chance and also bonding with guess who... Myself. My life have been crazy and annoying at times but I do have a new motto. Live life and laugh. Live fearless and enjoy every wonderfully experience that is granted to you (I know a mouth full)
One of things I do is give information and also answer any questions..
Deadpool is my guy....not because he is an Anti Hero (Yea that is one of my things) but he is constantly hurting and he uses humor to pull though. Anyway... I would like to thank Vingle and @shannonl5 for letting me run rampart in the Marvel Community. Of course my lovely lady @butterflyblu and @TessStevens Thank you ♥ ♥ The real name is Lydia.. ;)
You go girl! Very very inspiring. Love all the fun you bring to this site!
@FernandoGarza lol you read any of my post I always say "I'm bad with tagging." which I am because my pc is dead lol. My phone decided only to learn a few names lol
@LAVONYORK it's fine if don't need a tag :, ( jk jk <3
@LAVONYORK omg a selfie blooper page XD I love it... maybe I'll do one But for seriously you're amazing. I'm so happy to know you and continue to be inspired by you <3
@allischaaff thanks for the compliments! I try my best to hang in there. That particular had so many nose blowing, hacking coughing mistakes.. It should have a blooper page lol. But anyways I am documenting my life changing process from the long wait through the recovery to show other patients and people that they are not alone and sometimes living live and laughing can get you through tough times and of course having supportive friends online off line and family helps.
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