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This is a hard one but I would have to say Luffy or Naruto are my tops but there are literally hundreds I could choose from. I love Gon as well as Inuyasha and shikimaru and even Prince ashitaka from Princess mononoke. So i really can't say but who do you choose? It can be even a manga specific character. I wanna know new characters to check out!! If you are like me and can't pick one name all your favorites!!! NAKAMA for life!!
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why that fuck boy heero when there are sooooo much better gundam male characters
2 years ago·Reply
Um......Satomi from black bullet, izaya from Durarara, and Ichigo from bleach are my top on my list right now
2 years ago·Reply
Conan, Lupin, Spike
2 years ago·Reply
Natsu or L? Natsu or L? Natsu or L? Forget it, I can't choose between L and Natsu...
2 years ago·Reply
natsu all the way!!!!!
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