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Again this is tough. I love hinata as well as Nami is probably my favorite but Haruhi Suzumiya is a wild one. Haha also many other greats just like Nausicaa from vallet of the wind. I am again at a loss for a top character but Nami is for sure up there and Lucy from fairy tail. Who is yours? NAKAMA for life!!
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satellizer El Bridget from freezing
2 years ago·Reply
menma from anohana the flower we saw that day and celty from durarara
2 years ago·Reply
@kawaiichibifox celty is awesome. And menma makes me laugh and think or naruto lol!!
2 years ago·Reply
Yona from Yona of the dawn! and Misaki from Konichiwa maid sama!
2 years ago·Reply
Lucy from Fairy Tail, then Nami from One Piece, and lastly Asuna from SAO
2 years ago·Reply