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The Jets got the job done that they needed and after taking an early lead, they held off a late Jacksonville comeback to defeat the Jaguars on Sunday.

It was a big win for the Jets and it puts them in a position I did not think they would be in before the season started.

As it stands, the Jets would be the first Wild Card in the AFC. Who saw that coming?

Brandon Marshall made a silky, sweet touchdown catch to put the game out of reach for the Jets.
Marshall is just an elite wideout, and there are no two ways about it. He has never had a great quarterback but has proven time and time again that he deserves to be mentioned alongside the league's best. He's been a huge asset for the Jets this season and is one of the pickups of the year given the cheap price they paid for him.
Allen Hurns really impressed me this game for the Jaguars and it looks like between him and Allen Robinson, they could have a really legitimate passing game for a few years to come. Both of those players are young and proving that they can really play.

But the truth is that the Jaguars made too many mistakes in this game to win it.

With only a few minutes left and trailing by five, the Jaguars muffed a punt and gave the ball right back to the Jets who would go on to ice the game.
The Jaguars are a young team, but you can't make that kind of error if you expect to win in the NFL.
Chris Ivory had an up-and-down game for the Jets. Ivory has been great all season and has shown that he can be a featured back, but on Sunday he gained just 26 yards on a 23 carries.

That's awful, but the silver lining is that Ivory scored two TDs. All is forgiven.

All in all, a great win for the Jets to rebound from two consecutive big losses. They needed this one, and they got it.
Next up is a Thursday Night matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

It's a big showdown in the AFC East and will be the return of Rex Ryan to face his old team.

I'm sure Ryan will make some crazy comments in the media before the game - after all, that's what he became famous for - but the focus will be on the game as both of these teams have playoff aspirations.

Anyone see Sunday's Jets - Jags game?

@KyleBerke definitely. the injury changes things
@mchlyang yup!! big time!
Jets have played great so far. I think they're in good position to grab the fifth seed in the AFC with Big Ben hurt again for the Steelers.
@jeff4122 Are you a Jets fan?
still to early in the season to tell look at the 2006 Steelers 0-5 start won the superbowl against the seahawks