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Well..I'm this type of person. The reason why I'm like this is because even though u ask for something or you need something I'll be there. No matter what. it's because I care about you and I want you to know that I'm important. Your a human being too you know, you have feelings too so it wouldn't hurt me to help give u some assistance. Everyone must know that people other than you have a heart that can feel pain. keep that in mind. Your not the only one.
Yeah. I think I'd be that person even for my ex boyfriends.
I am that person as well @ChangThao and @AlloBaber and. @alywoah I am the type of person if you call me at 3 am I will answer and need someone to come get you I am there true story
I think that makes you a really awesome person @ChangThao. And you too @alywoah. I'm not always there for everyone I should be.. it's one of my greatest weaknesses, probably. sometimes I think, "oh, I don't have enough time for everything, so it's okay if i let one or two things go sometimes," but in reality, the people who care so much about me need me to care about them too.
That's amazing @VeronicaArtino. It takes a special person to be so present and supportive for their friends ^_^ I want to take the time to be more like that <3
Thanks for the inspiration to do better, friends :)